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mobile robot

Autonomous mobile robot


An autonomous shopping cart that will free both hands of customers in a mart or shopping mall


Autonomous freight train, Hamelin, can easily transport large quantities of goods from warehouses or factories



Features integrated messenger

It integrates several features, such as calendars, notes, group messenger, and personal messenger, into one app.

User friendly interface

Various contents existing each chat room can be easily collected and checked by users.
Easy user operation and management through user friendly UI that emphasizes convenience, intuition and accessibility.


MoiGo can make
your life better,
since it focuses
on your life

Companies and
customers can easily
communicate each other


Service providers

  • Easy sharing of notifications and schedules
  • Efficient responds to multiple customers
  • Various delivering methods, including text, photos, videos, and files.
Schedule / notification delivery, chat-based contact
Chat-based contact for customers
- Cultural Center / Exchange & Refund / General inquiry

Service users

  • Automatic saving function to all conversations.
  • Time utilization by sending enquiring messages and doing other work at the same time.
  • Various delivering methods, including text, photos, videos, and files.